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Subsidies and finances

The European Commission provides several funds and subsidies for entrepreneurs to support international ambition. You can contact us for more information and individual advice.

On the website www.123subsidie.nl, you can easily find information for your project. Here, we can provide you with several possibilities. For more information, please contact us on: info@een-north.nl

Horizon 2020: European subsidies for research and innovation
Horizon 2020 is a program initiated by the European Commission to stimulate European research and innovation. The European Commission has a budget of € 80 billion available.

With this subsidy, the European Commission wants to stimulate research in the area of science and innovation. Companies and the academic world are challenged to come up with joint solutions for current issues in Europe. For example, issues on climate change, ageing and food safety. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is a national program for these types of questions.

Horizon 2020:SME Instrument
A part of the Horizon 2020 is SME instrument which is useful for SME’s with ambition. This instrument supports the development for innovative solutions and exploring new markets. This subsidy is available for international oriented innovative companies.

Companies have to run through three phases in order to claim this subsidy:

  1. Feasibility study
  2. Research & Development demonstration
  3. Commercialization

For each phase it is possible to submit a project request form. For complete information and submitting project request forms check the website from RVO.

Horizon 2020: Fast track to innovation
A section of Horizon 2020 is Fast Track to Innovation (FTI). This subsidy is for companies with an innovative product, process or service which they would like to see enter the European market. The FTI project doesn’t have to suffice with predetermined theme’s, but has to contribute to the overall goals of Horizon 2020: reinforce the industrial leadership of the European companies and contribute to solutions for social challenges.

The companies should meet some requirement for the subsidy: the project may last 3 years maximum, European collaboration is a requirement and the collaboration should have a minimal of 3 and a maximum of 5 partners from the EU-memberstates.

Eurostars is a European innovation program and an initiative of EUREKA and the European Commission. This subsidy is meant for SME’s who carry out research. These companies focus on applied research and experimental development. They develop for instance technologies for new products, processes or services in collaboration with international parties.

This subsidyprogram is carried out by the national government. Submitting is possible through the Eurostars website. Netherlands Enterprise Agency carries out Eurostars commissioned by the Ministry.

Interreg is a European subsidy for innovative and sustainable projects which strengthen Europe. The purpose if this subsidy is to stimulate collaboration within Europe for more innovation, a better environment and narrowing economic differences between regions and EU memberstates.

Interreg consists of different programs which are subdived among the different regions in Europe. Interreg A is the subsidyprogram for transboundary collaboration between Holland and Germany.

More information is available on the website Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO, Eems Dollard Region or on the website Interreg-Germany-Holland, click here for more information.

Besides above subisidies which are explained, there are more subsidies and finance possibilities available to stimulate international entrepreneurship or programs specifically meant for entrepreneurship within Europe. If you are interested please check www.123subsidie.nl or contact us at info@een-north.nl.