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Establishing international contacts

Enterprise Europe Network can be found in over 50 country’s with 600 contact centres. In each country we have several regional contact centres with a regional network of companies and intermediate organizations. A perfect opportunity to find the right business partner! This increases the likelihood of international success.

Drawing up a company profile
The first step for an entrepreneur doing business abroad is setting up a company profile. This profile provides all kinds of facts; which product or service do you deliver and what is it that you are looking for abroad. One of our advisors will set up the profile together with the entrepreneur. If we find the preferred match, Enterprise Europe Network will bring both parties in contact with each other.

Database with companies
After a company profile has been set up, it will be included in the database which is visible for each contact centre of Enterprise Europe Network. Company profiles will be visible in countries the company is interested and Enterprise Europe Network in these countries will then be notified to ensure successful communication between the parties.

Enterprise Europe Network can off course also be used when an entrepreneur in the North of Holland has a request. Everyone is free to use this database. If you found a decent partner or if you have found interesting profile? Please contact us at info@een-north.nl.

Matchmaking events and missions
Several times a year Enterprise Europe Network organizes matchmaking events and missions, in the North of Holland but also abroad. We inform out network in time about these events. Most of the events and missions are specifically meant for a combination of different business fields.

Together we prepare these visits thoroughly, to increase the odds of finding a right match.