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Bringing innovations to the market

Enterprise Europe Network provides information about managing innovations, setting up innovations in the market, and protecting (European and International) innovations.

Innovation Management
Companies that receive subsidy via the H2020 SME instrument have a right to coaching from an experienced consultant. Please contact Lennard Drogendijk if you are interested.

In case you are interested in innovations but you don’t know where to start. We can help you. Please contact one of our advisors.

Bringing Innovations to the market: from knowledge to a succesfull business
In our personally tailored interviews, our advisors provide you with options for innovations and possibilities to bring your innovation to the market. From first ideas to research & development, to launching customers to successful export in the form of commercial international projects. Innovating is not something to take lightly: brainstorming with our advisors can really help you.

For customer advice, please contact one of our advisors in your sector:

Protecting innovations
We provide entrepreneurs with advice against copying of new product(s): Intellectual Property (IP). The most famous IE-rights are trademark, copyright and patents.

Once you start working internationally on innovations in business, it is important to be aware of intellectual property. If you are cooperating with a foreign business partner on an innovative development, it is important to secure your investment. Our advisors are happy to provide you with information on this. Please contact us at info@een-north.nl