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About Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a worldwide network with the purpose of helping companies embark upon doing business across the border. This network helps to find partners abroad and helps to answer questions for SMEs that would like to do business abroad. For example, questions about the European laws and regulations, and finance possibilities.

Enterprise Europe Network in the North of Holland?
The Enterprise Europe Network in the northern part of Holland consists of five organisations:

With these partners, we have a great scope within the sectors that are important in the northern part of Holland. In this network, we work intensively with the governmental agencies, the chamber of commerce, Hanze University, the Ministry of Economic Business and the NHL University. Our network is rapidly growing, and we have lots of expertise. Every entrepreneur with international ambition can contact us, whether you are working in ICT or organizing festivals. It doesn’t matter what questions or ideas you have, we will not stop until we have a solution or right answer for you.